If Only The “Fight For $15/hr”Lobby Improved Their Job Skills Instead of Their Activism

The fight for $15/ hour minimum wage has been working at their campaign for years. In fact, they were working at it when I entered the work force in 2009 at the age of 16.

I was elated to gain employment at Taco Bell earning $6.55/ hr. Everyone who worked with me would tell you I was the hardest worker. I loved the job.

It’s now 7 years later and I’m not earning $6.55/hr anymore. I earned six-figures in 2015, and I’ll will eclipse that this year. The primary reason I earn so much more now than back then is because of my perspective on the situation.

I chose not to be a victim of a low-income job. I learned as much as I could and invested in developing additional skills. I do not have college degree, I simply created opportunity for myself. I specifically did not get behind the lobby that advocates for the government to grant me a raise. It’s not the government’s job to force my employer to pay me more, it’s my job to be a valuable enough employee to command more in salary.

Those lobbying for the $15/hr minimum wage put a lot of effort into their activism. They stage walk-outs, “strikes”, testify before legislation, protest, etc. What if they put the same amount of effort into developing their job skills?

I find it hard to believe that someone who spends even an hour each week developing valuable skills wouldn’t be capable of earning more than $15/hr. It’s just plain lazy. If you’ve spent 7 years lobbying for this and still make less than $15/hr, your deserve what you’re earning.

Additionally, there are far too many opportunities for those who seek them to earn $15/hr TODAY. For example, you could grow a niche Facebook page, put some shirts for sale up on TeeSpring. Within a couple months, I would bet you get very good at selling this merchandise that you’re clearing $3000/ month.

This is more of a rant than anything else. I can’t understand why someone would devote their resources to bitching  (and leeching) rather than a productive solution.

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