Life Update: Something’s Making Me Come Alive

I haven’t written over here in some time. Many great things have been coming about in the past months and thinking about the future is making me come alive. This is a lengthy update post.

Professionally, I am still employed at Advantage Media Group, although we did launch a partnership with Forbes Media , creating the ForbesBooks imprint. I am now also VP of Author Development for ForbesBooks. That’s very exciting and I’ve already welcome some excellent clients into the imprint.

Beyond that change, what have I been working on?

For some time I’ve been hoping to build a really great band that takes their craft seriously, and that wants to make performing and writing music their full time career. I was very close in fall, when on Craigslist I found 3 guys who were an instrumental group looking for a vocalist.

“ME!” thought I! They were a very talented group, they need someone write lyrics and vocal melodies, and I enjoyed it. I wrote up lyrics to two of their instrumentals, auditioned, went heavy on the “no” (as any good salesperson would), and they invited me to join them regardless. Very exciting…for but a moment.

After 3 or 4 rehearsals and lot of my time and writing lyrics, I knew something was off. It was like when the date you thought had gone great isn’t excitedly trying to schedule the next date. There wasn’t alignment. My suspicion was confirmed when they told me it wasn’t a fit. They said, “It’s not you, it’s us. We moved to finding a vocalist too quickly.” But I’ve been rejected enough times in life to know they simply weren’t crazy about my voice. No matter, no bridges burned. I wish them the best.

But this left me upset. Writing for them stoked some embers I didn’t realize were waiting to reignite. I was wholly fulfilled writing lyrics, music, etc that had a purpose. Creating that art was intoxicating!

So I kept my ad up on Craigslist and someone responded asking me to audition to be their drummer. My ad specifically said something like, “While I’m a drummer and can drum until we find one, I want to be the frontman for the group,” but after Facebook stalking the guy who emailed me (he was not incognito) and seeing how attractive he was, I decided I’d humor being their drummer. He sent some of their original songs for me to rehearse.

I loved the songs.

So we set up an audition and I nailed every song we played (if I do say so myself).  I made it evident that I was happy to be the drummer, would want to write some lead vocal parts down the road, but I’m happy going in this direction. I went even harder on the “no” because of the lessons I learned from the previous band. Then they invited me to join them in November.

Ironically, perhaps – the cute guitarist actually is our roommate now. Is that irony? Or is that by design? Hmmm…

Anyway, this band presents one distinct challenge (opportunity). The vocalist, very involved, lives in Vermont currently. And one of the two guitarists was set to move to Clemson for school in 6 weeks. Conundrum: how can we create a band with only 3 of us in the same city? So I started thinking about how we could make this work. We won’t be able to build a local following by playing local shows, which we’d all done time and time before.

The answer: We have put together an incredible plan for our band that over the next 3-4 months will be exciting to watch it unfold as we launch ourselves into the world. This has required that I learn and teach myself a lot about specific marketing techniques (I’m well trained in big picture marketing tactics from my occupation).

So the primary update here is that my new band, Typhon’s Fall, is going to give the music business a hell of a go. And my plan might not work at all and we’ll be out the money we’ve invested into this (it’ll be thousands of dollars), but I’m going to do what’s required and put my every aching muscle and thought into this. Usually, when I do that, I do not fail.

I will say one thing, though. There are people who have followed me since I was fired from Taco Bell in 2012. They watched an ambitious, shenanigans-tempted young man go from losing employment, dropping out of college, and coming out, to living in his car (only briefly) and working 3 jobs, to fighting his way to a very successful career in marketing & sales only 5 years later.

I’ll be damned if I’m not about to create, with these talented guys, the next great American rock band.

So stay with me. I stand at the beginning, perhaps, of a Grand American Institution. I invite my readers to keep on on specific updates here by signing up for the Typhon’s Fall Fanletter


p.s. I’d love to get feedback from some of my readers on a song or two we’ve recorded but haven’t released yet. If you’d like an exclusive listen, message me, and I’ll hook you up.

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